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Let's spread the word...together

Things aren't easy right now, but a brighter day will come. We'll get there together.

The Greater Manchester: Joining Together campaign is available to anyone inspiring hope and togetherness in our communities.

If you are sharing news, advice or information on any aspect of life in Greater Manchester during coronavirus, you can do so using these materials.

We have a range of fully designed or editable resources available free of charge. 

Simply download below.

You can also join in the conversation on social media - by using #TogetherGM.

Social media


Social media account headers are available for your Facebook (820 x 312 pixels) and Twitter (1500 x 500 pixels) accounts.

Static images are available for sharing on both Twitter (1024 x 512 pixels) and Facebook / Instagram (1080 x 1080 pixels), as well as animations.

They feature each of the campaign's key themes:

Joining together...

while staying apart - Twitter / Facebook & Instagram / animation

for our health - Twitter / Facebook & Instagram / animation

for our mental health - Twitter / Facebook & Instagram / animation

for our wellbeing - Twitter / Facebook & Instagram / animation

for our safety - Twitter / Facebook & Instagram / animation

for our finances - Twitter / Facebook & Instagram / animation

in my area - Twitter / Facebook & Instagram / animation

An additional animation in Twitter and Facebook & Instagram versions sets out some specific ways we can all play our part in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Remember to include #TogetherGM in your social media posts.

Online and email

You can show your support for Greater Manchester: Joining Together by using our email footer templates and website banners.

Email footers (600 x 180 pixels) are available with Joining together while staying apart and with more general Joining together messaging.

Website banners (1500 x 550 pixels) are available in each of the campaigns key themes:   

Joining together...

while staying apart

for our health

for our wellbeing

for our safety 

for our finances 

in my area

Posters, documents, display screens

We have also created templates in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, so you are able to easily create your own documents and display materials.

They are available as:

Joining together - A3 / A4 / A5 flyer / standard display (4:3) / widescreen display (16:9)

Joining together while staying apart - A3 / A4 / A5 flyer / standard display (4:3) / widescreen display (16:9)

Fully editable headlines - A3 / A4 / A5 flyer (version 1) / A5 flyer (version 2) / standard display (4:3) / widescreen display (16:9)